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LMSACE Connect: How to integrate Moodle™ with Woocommerce

01. Introduction:

In the ever-expanding realm of e-learning, the integration of Moodle™, a robust Learning Management System (LMS), and WooCommerce, a powerful e-commerce platform, opens up new possibilities for course creators. Enter LMSACE Connect, a WooCommerce integration plugin designed to seamlessly link Moodle™ and WooCommerce, offering course creators an innovative solution to elevate their online education businesses.

02. Unlock the Power of Integration:

LMSACE Connect takes the concept of integration to a new level by allowing course creators to import courses directly from Moodle™ into WooCommerce. This not only streamlines the course creation process but also provides a seamless experience for both creators and learners. With the ability to sell courses as WooCommerce products, educators can reach a broader audience and monetize their expertise effortlessly.

03. Effortless Enrollment and User Management:

One of the standout features of LMSACE Connect is its capability to automatically create Moodle™ user accounts and enroll students upon the purchase of a course product. This automation not only saves time for educators but also ensures a smooth onboarding experience for learners. Say goodbye to manual user management tasks and welcome a more efficient and scalable e-learning operation.

04. Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO):

With the latest version of LMSACE Connect, users can enjoy a seamless login experience with Single Sign-On functionality. This means that once a user is logged into your WooCommerce storefront, they are automatically authenticated in Moodle™ as well. This not only enhances user convenience but also contributes to a unified and professional online learning environment.

05. Sync Multiple Courses with a Single Product:

LMSACE Connect introduces a game-changing feature - the ability to sync multiple courses with a single WooCommerce product. Course creators can now bundle related courses or offer subscription-based models with ease. This flexibility provides a more dynamic pricing strategy and opens up new avenues for marketing and sales.

06. Effortless Course Outline Import:

Importing course outline data is now a breeze with LMSACE Connect. Course creators can effortlessly bring in course structure and details, saving valuable time in the course creation process. This feature ensures consistency in course presentation and allows educators to focus more on content development and teaching.

07. Conclusion:

As the e-learning landscape continues to evolve, tools like LMSACE Connect emerge as invaluable assets for course creators. The seamless integration of Moodle™ and WooCommerce, coupled with features like SSO, course bundling, and effortless course outline import, positions LMSACE Connect as a must-have plugin for anyone serious about the business of online education. Elevate your e-learning journey with LMSACE Connect and unlock a world of possibilities.

08. Ready to Transform Your E-Learning Business?

Explore the endless possibilities of LMSACE Connect today. Transform your Moodle™ courses into WooCommerce products, automate user management, and enhance the overall e-learning experience.

Plugins to Set up Connection:

These plugins to enhance the interoperability of Moodle™ and WooCommerce, streamlining user management, course integration, and data synchronization between the two platforms. The plugins play a pivotal role in creating a cohesive and user-friendly experience for both administrators and learners engaging with the combined Moodle™ and WooCommerce environment.

These plugins collectively work to establish a strong connection between WordPress and Moodle™, enabling smooth data flow, course management, and user authentication across both platforms. They contribute to a seamless integration of e-learning and e-commerce functionalities for a comprehensive online education experience.

LMSACE Connect Plugins:

To install the listed plugins, refer to the installation steps provided in the respective plugins' README.md files.


LMSACE Connect brings a user-friendly and efficient approach to online learning, allowing administrators to customize courses, integrate seamlessly with e-commerce products, automate user enrollment, and simplify access through Single Sign-On. It streamlines the management of educational content, offering a versatile solution for an enhanced e-learning experience.

Initial connection setup:

Generating Token in Moodle™ Software:

Generating a token in Moodle™ software for LMSACE Connect involves accessing the Moodle™ administration settings, navigating to the "Web services" section, and selecting the option to generate a token specifically for the LMSACE Connect plugin. This token is a secure key that allows the plugin to establish a connection with the Moodle™ platform, enabling functionalities like course imports and user synchronization for a seamless integration with WordPress.

GitHub: https://github.com/lmsace/lmsace-connect-woocommerce/wiki#generate-token-on-moodle-software

Connect Your WordPress:

To connect your WordPress for LMSACE Connect, log in as the site administrator, go to the LMSACE Connect settings, and enter your Moodle™ Site URL along with the generated Web services token. Click 'Connect' to save the details. This establishes a connection between WordPress and Moodle™ through the LMSACE Connect plugin, enabling features such as course imports and user synchronization.

GitHub: https://github.com/lmsace/lmsace-connect-woocommerce/wiki#steps-to-connect-your-wordpress

Set Up Single Sign-On (SSO):

To enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your Moodle™ software. Install the Moodle™ software authentication plugin by obtaining the source from the GitHub repository:

GitHub: https://github.com/lmsace/lmsace-connect-woocommerce/wiki#steps-to-setup-single-sign-on

Import Courses as Products:

LMSACE Connect facilitates the effortless importation of courses from Moodle™ to WordPress, transforming them into easily manageable and sellable products on your WooCommerce store. This feature simplifies the integration of educational content into the e-commerce platform, providing a seamless experience for administrators and enhancing the overall functionality of your online learning environment.

GitHub: https://github.com/lmsace/lmsace-connect-woocommerce/wiki#import-courses-as-products

Import Features:

LMSACE Connect provides various options for importing courses, offering flexibility in managing course data. Here are the available import options:

  • 1. Import Selected Courses as WooCommerce Product:

    This option allows you to import chosen courses and automatically create corresponding WooCommerce products. Ideal for those who wish to sell courses as products in their WooCommerce store.

  • 2. Import Selected Courses as Product and Save as Draft:

    With this option, selected courses are imported as products in LMSACE Connect, but they are initially saved as drafts. This allows for review and necessary adjustments before publishing.

  • 3. Update Existing Linked Product Data with Current Course Content:

    If courses have already been imported as products in LMSACE Connect, this option lets you update the existing product data with the most recent course content. It ensures synchronization with any changes made to the course.

  • 4. Import Selected Courses with Their Category:

    This option facilitates the import of selected courses along with their respective categories. It ensures that course categorization is maintained during the import process.

  • 5. Import Selected Courses with Their Details Summary:

    By selecting this option, you can import chosen courses while including a detailed summary of each course. This provides users with a quick overview of the course content, aiding them in making informed decisions.

Additional Options to Enhance SSO:

SSO Activation Method:

LMSACE Connect offers two options for the SSO Activation Method, allowing you to define when Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality is triggered.

  • Login on WP: With this option, SSO is activated when a user logs into WordPress. After authentication, the user can seamlessly access other connected systems or applications without the need for additional logins.

  • Access the Course: Selecting this option triggers SSO when a user accesses a specific course from the "My Courses" page in the WooCommerce MyAccount section.

Redirectless SSO:

The Redirectless Single Sign-On (SSO) feature creates a seamless background session in Moodle™ LMS when a user logs into WordPress. This allows users to access Moodle resources without being redirected to another login page. Redirectless SSO only works when the "SSO Activation Method" setting is set to "Login on WP."

Create Users in Moodle™ on New Registration:

The "Create users in Moodle™ on new registration" setting in LMSACE Connect determines when users are added to Moodle™ LMS. If enabled, users will be created in Moodle™ right after they register on WooCommerce. However, if this setting is disabled, user creation in Moodle™ will occur when they try to log in or access Moodle™ through WooCommerce.

Authentication Type:

LMSACE Connect gives users two ways to log in: Manual, where they log in via WordPress and receive a Moodle™ password via email, or LMSACE Connect, which enables Single Sign-On (SSO) to access Moodle™ without a separate password.

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