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Moodle™ Installation and Setup

We take care of your Moodle™ software installation and basic setups like the cron setup, course backup, user dashboard setup and more based on your needs.


If you’re simply looking for advice on Moodle Software, we’re happy to provide consultancy – whether it’s an initial foray into the world of online learning or advice on an existing Moodle Software platform.

Moodle™ Upgradation

We have a dedicated team of experienced moodle software developers who are proficient in upgrading Moodle™ Software from lower versions of Moodle™ Software to the latest versions.


We provide the full range of eLearning training services for system administrators, course creators, course managers, trainers and content specialists at all levels.


We’ll help you to select and configure a hosting environment which offers the best value for money whilst ensuring a high level of performance and availability, and allows for future expansion.


If you’re already using Moodle software within the school and are looking for a third party to provide technical support, we’re able to provide assistance via telephone, email, or webchat, on either a contract or pay-as-you-go basis.


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