At our Learning Consultants, consulting is at the heart of what we do. Every client engagement is designed to meet our client where they are, whether they are new to online learning or seasoned educators. We offer both technical and learning design focused consulting services including program planning and implementation support, course design, gap analysis, server performance review and remediation, scaling support, change management, and general administrative and instructional design best practices.

If you’re looking for expert Moodle consulting services, our team here at Lmsace has decades of combined experience. Are you looking to start using or get more from Moodle in order to save time and money for your business, and improve learning outcomes for your trainees or staff?

We have training and workplace learning consultants with extensive experience of working with and advising on the best use of Moodle to create learning platforms that deliver on our clients’ goals – across a wide range of sectors.

Working closely with you, we’ll draw up an e-learning solution design that incorporates each aspect of your brief, and lays out how the final system could look.


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