Moodle officially supports app for Google Android devices and Apple iOS devices.

How about having your branded app? We are not just talking about colors and logo changes, but an entirely new app, with your name, your logo, and images, your colors and your very own app listing on Google Play store and the Apple App store. Students won’t even have to enter Moodle URL, because it would be preconfigured.

A typical user flow of official Moodle app is

  1. Ask the user to install the Moodle App
  2. Enter the Moodle URL
  3. Enter the username and password

As seen above, you will have to ask a user to download the Moodle app. This could be confusing to students as some of them don’t even know what Moodle is; they only know your name. The student will then have to enter Moodle URL. This again creates confusion in cases when your main website URL is different from the Moodle URL ( students often keep entering your main site URL ).

A typical user flow of our Custom Moodle app is

  1. Ask the user to install your App
  2. Enter username and password

Users just download your app and enter their username and password. How simple!


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