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LMSACE Connect: With the help of this plugin, you can integrate Moodle™ LMS platform with your Woocommerce store. Moodle™ is a free and open-source learning management system that allows educators, administrators, and learners to create personalized learning environments. You can sync courses, users, categories from Moodle™ to Woocommerce.


PHP Version : 5.6 or higher

Moodle™: 3.7 or higher

WordPress :  4.6+ ( Recommended 5.9 )

WooCommerce : 3+ ( Recommended 6.0 )



Highlighted Features

Selective Import

SELECT the courses to import from Moodle™ software to Woocommerce.

Easy course mapping

When you create a product in WooCommerce, simply select the Moodle™ courses you want to associate to the product.

Works with any payment gateway

Choose any payment gateway offered by Woocommerce and use it to accept payment for your courses.

Associate one, or multiple courses Pro

Supports one or multiple Moodle™ LMS courses being mapped to a Woocommerce product which allows you to create course bundles.

Auto-User Enrollment

After successful product purchase in Woocommerce, the integration will auto-enroll the customer into the Moodle™ course so that they can begin taking the course.

Automatic course access removal

Removes users from Moodle™ courses when refunded or canceling a Woocommerce order.

Benefits of integrating Moodle™LMS with Woocommerce.

There are several benefits of using WooCommerce as your shopping cart solution with Moodle™ LMS. Integrating WooCommerce with Moodle™ helps in optimizing the checkout process.

  • Grow your sales by offering Coupons & Discounts for your Learners
  • Can sell physical products along with course
  • Sell multiple courses bundled Pro
  • Monetize online courses via offering membership subscriptions Pro
  • Offer multiple payment options out of 100+ payment gateways
  • Take advantage of several other WooCommerce extensions
  • Connect with Email Marketing Platforms
  • Different ways to boost marketing and sales
  • WooCommerce Integrates With Most CRM Platforms
  • Automatically enroll students after payment
  • You Can Add upsells, order bumps, and other revenue boosters


The WooCommerce Moodle™ Integration plugin provides the following features to simplify the process of selling and managing your Moodle™ LMS courses.

Seamlessly integrates WooCommerce with Moodle™ LMS

Securely connects to the Moodle™ API using the REST protocol

Monetizes Moodle™ courses using WooCommerce products

Allows to import courses from Moodle™ to the Woocommerce store

Creates and updates Moodle™ LMS users from WooCommerce customers

Enrolls WooCommerce customers at checkout into Moodle™ courses and user groups

Updates Moodle™ user fields using WooCommerce billing fields

Unenroll users from Moodle™ courses when refunded or canceling a Woocommerce order

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