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Enlight – Responsive theme for Moodle™ software

Enlight – Responsive theme for Moodle™ software

Enlight – Responsive theme for Moodle™ software


Enlight is designed to be fully responsive layout,it will make your site have amazing look on different screen resolutions such as: Desktop,Tablets and Mobile phones.This is one of the best option to reach the customers who use smart devices.

This theme is now compatible with Moodle™ Software 4.0

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The Enlight theme's responsive nature guarantees that your Moodle site maintains its aesthetic appeal and functionality across various screen sizes. Whether users are accessing your site from a large desktop monitor or a small mobile phone screen, Enlight will automatically adjust the layout, fonts, images, and other elements to ensure optimal readability and usability.

By implementing the Enlight theme, you can provide an exceptional user experience to your site visitors, including students, teachers, and administrators, allowing them to conveniently access your Moodle platform from their preferred smart devices. This ensures seamless navigation and interaction with the learning materials.

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