Dear Customers,

You might have noticed of the latest Moodle™ Software 3.1.2 release this September. It addressed several functional fixes including Lessons module, Navigation, Calendar event etc…

We’ve been working for the past weeks to keep our products fully compatible with this new release.
In case you missed, here are our responsive Moodle™ Software themes updated for Moodle™ Software 3.1.2

  • Enlight – Responsive Moodle™ Software theme for online learning platform
  • Edifi – Stunning modern Moodle™ Software theme
  • Alluri – Premium Moodle™ Software theme , the right choice for your Moodle™ Software site

Note: Be sure to back up your source files first, prior to any upgrade, and test the patch before deploying it to a production site.

Hope you enjoy our new updates.


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